We Cannot Thank Them Enough

In March 2020, my fiancé and I had to postpone our Grand Cayman wedding three days beforehand due to COVID-19. We set a new date in June, but we were notified in May that we would need to delay again. Wanting to keep our date, we canceled our destination plans and started arranging a backyard wedding in our hometown.

We only had a few weeks, so our first search was for an officiant, which is how we came across the Men in Black. Their reviews were outstanding, and from the videos, we watched of them, we could see why. We decided to reach out – and we are so happy we did.

From the very start, they were engaging and focused on making sure our ceremony was EXACTLY how we intended. We did not have long before the wedding, but they took what little time we did have to understand our vision and then provided us with options to choose from and/or personalize. They also sent us several useful ceremony tips and resources to help guide us along the way.

We could go on about how great they are. But if we had to give one reason why we highly recommend them, it would be the experience. They made everything simple, fun, and most importantly, they made it about the two of us. We cannot thank them enough for creating such a special and sacred ceremony.
John & Christina
Annapolis, MD

Greetings Christina and John,
Thank you for your very kind words. We are so appreciative.

There is an expression . . . “When God closes the front door, He opens, all the windows!”

That is what we have dealt with Couples during this Pandemic, in having their wedding plans dashed and wedding ceremony rescheduled and yet rescheduled once again. We have opened the windows for them to see a wonderful alternative to having their wedding be special. We have a passion for officiating at wedding ceremonies. We have been doing this now (about 2200 weddings over the years) in us giving 120% in every wedding. It’s really in our blood so to speak. We custom design every ceremony around the Couple. We do not use a “shelf canned ceremony” where 1 shoe fits all. This bride said it correct, couples choose us, they write great reviews of us and refer us to others . . . because of our many many years of experience and us acknowledging it’s the couples BIG day, not our day. In the ceremony, we are inviting and engaging with the Couple, family members, relatives, and guests to enter and be present in the ceremony with the Couple . . versus just being a bored spectator “hoping the reception starts soon”. The event of a Marriage provides us all with Hope & Joy as love becomes the wondrous journey for 2 people to join together on, not just as Husband & Wife, but also as each other’s confidant and true best friend. We insert humor in the right places during the ceremony and we also stand in Awe of the Sacred commitments occurring and being made in the exchange of Vows and Rings. So we are most grateful for the great review we have gotten from this Couple and we wish them God Speed on their new journey as Husband & Wife.

Thank you.
Revs. Carroll and Warne

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