Reverend Michael Carroll, USAFR, was Ordained in person and appointed a Bishop in 2003. After a decade of formal College and Graduate School studies Bishop Carroll is authorized to carry out all ministerial duties. Bishop Carroll has state authority approval to perform the Rites of Marriage and Holy Matrimony and can marry couples in all 50 States.

State Marriage Authorization:
The Certificates of Authority that verify Bishop Carroll to officially be a Celebrant and officiate at all celebrations and events are on file and may be provided upon approved requests.

The following documents below are on file:

  • Apostolic Succession Lineage
  • Official Call to the Episcopacy
  • Saint Patrick Church Charter
  • Doctor of Divinity Certificate
  • Monsignor-Pastor Certificate
  • Ecumenical Certificate of Ordination
  • Catholic Contemporary Spirituality Certificate
  • Marriage Celebrant Authorization Certificate
  • Certificate of Deacon Ordination
  • Certificate of Communion
  • Certificate Ordination to the Priesthood


  • Air Force Military Ordinariate Certificate
  • Seminary Chaplaincy Program Approval