Wedding Officiants for Southwest Florida & other FL Cities & Towns

Delaware wedding officiantsMost of the weddings we officiate at  are nondenominational. Traditional Ceremonies can be available. We can officiate at ceremonies regardless of background, faith or lifestyle. Any and all couples are welcome. We can travel to the a couple’s ceremony venue site. Couples can write their own Vows as we are flexible for your “BIG DAY”!

MEN IN BLACK OFFICIANTS, is located in Fort Myers, Florida. We can travel to weddings at Venues and/or Churches throughout Southwest Florida, as well as travel to other Cities and Towns in the State of Florida, creating very unique and memorable ceremonies. Contact us for information and details to discuss your wedding day event and logistics.

Out of everything that goes into making your wedding day, the ceremony is what you will remember most! For those couples wanting an Officiant to preside over their ceremony to be the expression of their love together . . . we ARE those Officiants!

We create a beautiful custom designed ceremony for you including whatever traditions and rituals you want to have included. We write the language of the ceremony script and you can add your own vows. Together, we create a marriage ceremony script that reflects the love you have with each other. If the ceremony is to have traditional options, then choices of music, readings, Communion, Mass, Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, etc. can all be included.

wedding officiantsThe words we choose, the tone we use, the gestures we make, the looks, the humor, and most importantly the timing that we, as Officiants have when expressing these things in a wedding ceremony . . . will make or break a ceremony. We use our years of experience and talent to take the ordinary wedding language and transform it into “an extraordinary ceremony” to then celebrate a couple’s special moment. In the long run, it is priceless! MEN IN BLACK are creative Officiants who preside over unique wonderful ceremonies.

We are experienced wedding Celebrants and Officiants., We were Ordained in person {and NOT on the Internet} We have over 10 years of formal Seminary studies and  we respect all religions and spiritual traditions. Rev. Carroll is an excellent personable Officiant, he is an interesting speaker, and a very engaging ceremony celebrant. Smart, witty and serious, he makes the ceremony, a celebration of the couple! Rev. Ken handles all administration and is the Master of Ceremonies during the wedding ceremony.

Couples can write their own vows or say something special to each other during the ceremony. Couples can assist in writing the ceremony script wording or add anything special to a ceremony script. This engaging process will have your guests remember your special wedding day for a long time. So have an Officiant who knows how to make this day special for you, your family, friends, and guests. We instruct you how to obtain your marriage license and we file your marriage documents making your marriage legal and registered with the State.

In summary here, many Officiants cannot accomplish all this to perform a wedding ceremony with such detailed attention. It does take decades of experience to learn how to be a creative Officiant. Our two men approach works well where all details are covered and then your wedding ceremony is over the top. What the MEN IN BLACK do is way beyond just the legal marriage contract. It is our hope that you choose the MEN IN BLACK to perform your wedding ceremony on your BIG DAY!

Rev. Carroll, a Military Officer Chaplain has officiated at all types of ceremonies.

IF REQUESTED: An Independent (non roman) catholic wedding Mass is an option. We celebrate a wedding Mass indoors/outdoors, on a beach, or at any other Venue location. No premarital counseling is required. We are not under Vatican rule, but the Vatican considers us as a Valid Rite and part of the larger Catholic Church. The Creator has blessed you with the gift of love, and that overrides everything else, regardless of your particular life circumstances.

Email us at; call us at (landline) 239-247-5701 or reach us on our mobile/text/cell phone at (540) 335-6669 to discuss and schedule us as your wedding officiants on your wedding. We do look forward to work with you and making your wedding day special.

Rev. Msgr. Michael Carroll, OSP, USAFR

Rev. Mr. Kenneth Warne, OSP, Sub-Deacon, Office Administrator