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MIBWO was honestly the best choice for our wedding. They were just the kindest, most welcoming, calm humans. They are super detailed and didn’t leave a single thing out, and not just for the ceremony. they offered so much help with every aspect of the wedding. I was planning all of it by myself so it was nice to have that. i am so beyond grateful for them and all the information they provided. As for the ceremony. We were definitely over the moon with everything. they truly were wonderful and provided such a sweet, heartfelt ceremony for us. Everyone raved about them throughout the night and even weeks after. it was such a great ceremony for us. and i would recommend them to everyone. <3

Meagan and Chris Brinson

What Made The Ceremony Meaningful

My husband, Steve, and I are so grateful we decided to choose MIBWO to officiate our wedding. Michael and Ken went out of their way to make sure our ceremony had a personal and sentimental touch to it. They were incredibly helpful throughout the wedding planning process, from sending us examples/templates of how to orchestrate our ceremony to reminding us why marriage is such a beautiful occasion in the first place. Numerous of our guests commented that it seemed as if they’ve known us for a really long time, which is a factor that we very much appreciated. I would recommend these services to any who are considering. They absolutely assisted in making our special day as beautiful as it could possibly be!

Veronica and Stephen Cicalese

Happy Couple

The Men In Black Officiants were the best choice we could have made for wedding ceremony. They helped us make our ceremony run smoothly and even with the windy day everything turned out amazing.
Everyone is telling us how wonderful our wedding ceremony was and there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. We highly recommend using them for your wedding.



Second marriages are different: more thoughtful, calmer, full of hard-earned wisdom, but also so filled with love and laughter. MIB fulfilled all of the above. Guests (and the bride and groom) were brought to sweet tears, but also wonderful mirth. During our vows, guests’ eyes glistened, heads leaned together with their partners, hands reached for each other, and shoulders touched. That is when you know it is real, and that our ceremony perfectly captured us as a couple, the true meaning of love, and companionship through thick and thin. Regards, Annika & Joseph – Wedding Date: 04/22/2022

MIBWO thanks you so much. What a nice review of us, from this couple regarding our Officiating their wedding ceremony that we custom designed for this charming couple! Yes, we blend the serious with a touch of humor at times throughout the ceremony when we officiate. Our goal is to be inviting, and engaging and add a sprinkle of being entertaining as well to the mix, to create a ceremony of awe and wonder. The wedding guests really paid attention to this a couple committing themselves to each other during the ceremony. Being more of a smaller intimate wedding ceremony, all the guests interacted well with each other as they attended this wedding ceremony to honor this couple. We wish this couple many happy and healthy years together, now as Husband and Wife. All the best, Revs. Ken and Michael of Men In Black Wedding Officiants – –

Annika & Joseph

Very nice wedding

Al and Jennifer-Date & Time: Sunday, November 14, 2021 @ 2:30 PM-Atlantic Sands Hotel & Conference Center – 1 Baltimore Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

I was Maid of Honor at a wedding on the beach at Rehoboth Beach in November. The Men in Black were great and did a ceremony that seemed personal- on a CHILLY beachfront ceremony! They really took that in stride. I felt the ceremony was organized and made it easy for us to know what to do. It was a nice combination of incorporating the importance of love and spirituality in the ceremony. And the blessing given by Msgr Carroll was just lovely. They were very personable and had a good sense of humor which I really liked! I feel they did a GREAT job!!

Catherine Zuver

Thank you!

Adam Jeffrey Pompei and Patricia Taylor Garrity-Date & Time: Friday, December 10th, 2022 @ 4:00 PM-Westchester Country Club-99 Biltmore Ave Rye, NY 10580

Thank you for providing a beautiful service! The Men in Black worked with us very efficiently even when faced with time constraints. They made it very easy to customize our Ceremony and we are very happy with the way everything turned out. We highly recommend Men In Black Wedding Officiants to  anyone!

Adam and Patrica Pompei

Truly a blessing from God

Jeffery and Cali  -Date & Time: Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 @ 4:00 PM-Smokey Hollow Venue-37632 Lakeridge Drive, Selbyville, DE 19975

Absolutely wonderful! For a Catholic family saddened by not marrying in the church, this was truly a gift from God. Bishop Carroll and Rev. Warne were funny, reverent, spiritual, and quite the team they made.


The Bishop’s interaction with the couple had us in tears. Their prayer to our troops and front liners and their message of Jesus for all was inspiring to all who attended. Rave revues by all!
Jose and Jan Echeverri

Jose F. Echeverri

Everything we dreamed of

Justyn and Stephanie-Date: Saturday-September 4, 2021-Deerfield Golf and Tennis Club-507 Thompson Station Road, Newark, DE 19711

Men in Black made my ceremony absolutely perfect. They helped make it our own and very special to both myself and my new husband. We could not have asked for a better ceremony. They gave advice and instructions along the way and made the process so much easier. They were always available to answer all our questions. Thank you so much! Stephanie and Justyn

Stephanie Lugaro

Wedding so Special


Kenneth and Wendy-Date & Time: Friday, August 20th, 2021 @ 4:00 PM-The Restaurant at Lighthouse Sound-12723 St Martins Neck Rd #2, Bishopville, MD 21813

We really thought the Men in Black did a stellar job! They provided a template for the ceremony that was easy to use and they provided such great feedback throughout the process. We never felt like we were navigating the wedding prep alone – they were always there to guide and encourage us. The service itself was made so special by Rev. Carroll and Rev. Warne – so many special moments to cherish! We could not possibly be any happier with the service MIB provided! Thank you, Wendy and Kenny 08/20/2021

Wendy Coulter


RJ and Sara’s Wedding-Date: Saturday, July 24, 2021 @ 4:30 PM-Covered Bridge Inn-30249 Fisher Rd, Lewes, DE 19958

The Men in Black Officiants were amazing to work with. They were extremely responsive, very organized, and checked in often to make sure we were navigating through our COVID reschedule successfully. The script they wrote for us was beautiful, pre-approved by us. They added the perfect amount of personalized humor that had everyone laughing.

Men in Black made allowed for us to plan a flawless wedding ceremony that reflected RJ & I perfectly and we could not be more thankful. Thank you, Sara and RJ

Sara & RJ

Thank you for the Beautiful Ceremony

The Men in Black (Rev Ken and Bishop Michael) were wonderful to work with right from the get-go. They were extremely helpful, responsive, and so kind throughout as we planned for our wedding. We felt more than ready for the ceremony weeks in advance thanks to their preparedness and active communication. They created a beautiful script weeks before the wedding, and we really appreciated this because it was nice to know what to expect and it gave us the ability to prepare for the actual ceremony. They were very sweet, jovial, and funny with an incredible sense of timing; made us feel very comfortable during the ceremony and brought us tears of joy with their recitation. Not to mention they were a blast to dance with at our reception. We were incredibly lucky and honored to have them marry us.

Ken and Mike were a great addition to our auspicious ceremony and would highly recommend them to everyone!

Lauren & Soham Sali

Simply the Best!

My fiancé and I were very fortunate to find the Men In Black Wedding Officiants and book them for our beach wedding. From beginning to end, Ken and Michael were amazing to work with and helped us create a one of a kind ceremony by sharing comprehensive amounts of wedding planning materials. In addition to their excellent planning advice for the ceremony, they provided thoughtful questions and counseling discussion topics for us to connect with each other and the sacrament of matrimony. At the wedding ceremony, both Ken and Michael were pros. Through our work, they were able to encompass our personal styles with the perfect mix of tradition, humor, and love to make our ceremony beautiful and meaningful. Many guests commented on the moving sermon our officiants gave, as well as their reverence, spirituality, and at times lightheartedness. It was an honor having both Ken and Michael officiate and bless our marriage. We could not have imagined a ceremony that reflected our love and religious upbringing in a better way.



Hands down Ken and Michael made our wishes come true for the beach wedding we envisioned. The time they spent organizing and getting to know us as a “couple” created a personal feeling which flowed from them through our ceremony.
Prior to choosing MIB, I had spoken with several other officiants. The information was the same time after time. The ceremony would be vows and then pronouncement of husband and wife. The total time allotted was 5-10 minutes. Talking to the MIB I understood the ceremony would be personalized to our desire. We could choose readings, rituals, music, etc. The bonus was they assisted along the way so every bit of the ceremony flowed perfectly. They assisted so well that, to help me out, Ken held the bridal bouquet for a few minutes during the ceremony.
My husband and I were divorced from each other. We remarried on the date of our original wedding day. As this was a personal day only our children were in attendance. Michael and Ken knew our story and shared in our joy that day. The word that comes to my mind is “unforgettable”. A day like no other, with the help of Men In Black Wedding Officiants.

Chip & Jane Warfel

Thank you for taking us through our journey in such as outstanding way!!!

Ken and Michael of Men In Black Wedding Officiants.

Thank you are not enough words to let both of you know how much grateful we are and appreciate that both of you were part of our wedding and as officiants of the ceremony.

Both of you were awesome, fun, supportive, and all our guests were delighted with your presence. Love You both!!! Cecilia and Martin



My fiancé and I decided to push forward our wedding and “runaway” to the beach to make it official. Men In Black were able to accommodate us on such short notice. We literally called them for the first time two and a half hours before the actual ceremony took place! We met up with them and they were very professional yet fun and they really make your special day that much more special. The vows Michael wrote for us were just incredible. It’s like he’s known us our whole lives. While chatting with them before the ceremony they found out I’ve been unemployed and even offered to help me out with a job! All in all, it was a very special experience and they were true professionals. I would highly recommend!


Simply wonderful!

Ken and Michael were extremely professional, friendly, kind, and genuine. They went above and beyond to make sure our day was special. It was detailed oriented and organized. All we had to do was show up. What I thought would be a stressful situation was made easy thanks to them. They put so much thought and effort into making our commitment ceremony personalized and so very special. They spoke from the heart, the spirit of God spoke through them. We couldn’t be happier about it!


A wedding tailored specifically for us!

It was a pleasure working with Men in Black Wedding Officiants from start to finish!

My husband and I both come from Christian backgrounds -but opposite sides of the faith. I was raised in the Catholic tradition while my husband was raised Baptist/ Evangelical and is no longer practicing.

This mixed-faith situation left us in quite a predicament upon getting engaged. It was always my father’s wish that I marry in the Catholic Church with a priest. However, we felt that my husband’s side would be lost, if not uncomfortable in that environment.

I struggled to find someone that I felt would make everyone happy until we came across Men in Black Officiants. I reached out to them to see if they could help us and Rev. Warne immediately responded and assured us that we could custom design a wedding of our own and make it “as much or as little Catholic as we wanted!”

And that is exactly what we did. We immediately got to work on creating our perfect ceremony that not only did we love, but all of our guests loved as well. My husband’s grandmother even commented that it was the best wedding she had ever attended.

Not only did they cater to our specific needs, but they went above and beyond your average officiants by providing us with Pre-Cana (pre-marital counseling) and were available throughout the process whenever we had a question or concern.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough and planning through Covid-19 is just another added stress. We had to take additional safety procedures and Bishop Carroll and Rev. Warne were happy to oblige and do their part to keep everyone safe. We couldn’t be happier! We highly recommend them to other couples to officiate at their wedding ceremony.

Caterine DeCicco

A beautiful, meaningful ceremony!

Rev. Kenneth and Rev. Michael
My husband and I can never thank you enough for the beautiful wedding service you performed for our daughter, Caterine, and her husband, Michael. It was unlike any wedding I’d ever attended, including my own! Your words were just the right combination of love, humor, and wisdom. Thank you again for being such an integral part of the day!

Michele Ferguson De Cicco
January 9, 2021

Beautiful Service

Just wanted to share some thoughts on the wedding service of Pat and Ryann C. that occurred on Friday, November 20, 2020, and was officiated by Men in Black Wedding Officiants.
I have to say, we were thoroughly impressed with their sense of reverence, spirituality, and at times light heartiness during the ceremony. It was an absolutely beautiful day, with the sun setting in the background made you appreciate the natural wonders that God has created, it was an amazing afternoon. Rev. Msgr. Michael K. Carroll, USAFR, and Rev. Mr. Kenneth R. Warne created an inspirational and scared atmosphere that was spiritually uplifting and comforting.
They performed an absolutely beautiful service and we highly recommend them for a wedding ceremony.
Bill and Theresa C.

Bill and Theresa Cantwell
November 20, 2020

What an amazing ceremony!

First, I’d like to state that we were originally doing a destination wedding and due to COVID we had to change plans within 3 months! We were looking for officiants and came across the Men In Black Wedding Officiants and boy am I glad we found them! This is the bride, by the way, when I was walking down the aisle I got a little emotional, for me that was bound to happen. As soon as I got to the alter these guys made me laugh! The ceremony was also so beautiful! We had a few jokes thrown in there and it makes everyone laugh! I know it was my wedding but I think that was the most beautiful, funny, and well put together ceremony ever!


Guidance with Grace

Michael and Ken responded favorably to our request for somebody to marry us, with very little advance notice. They took us by the hand and guided us through the necessary steps to properly organize our small “Big Day” with the experience and knowledge that we desperately needed, in order to pull it all off without a hitch. Better still, they transformed our chaotic plans and turned them into a beautiful, meaningful, and memorable ceremony. They took two nervous guys by the hand and kept us on track via their beautifully structured, customized service, and we are grateful to them. We cannot more highly recommend Michael and Ken.

Robert Lyte

More than we could have ever hoped for

Ken and Michael were both professional and accommodating at our very short notice wedding. They always responded to me quickly with any questions I had. They were truly amazing. I can’t thank them enough for making my wedding day as perfect as possible on short notice.

Karen hesler

The Best

The Men In Black Wedding Officiants were extremely comforting and supportive throughout the preparation process for our wedding. They contacted us the day prior to our wedding and helped to ease any concerns we may have had. My wedding ceremony was beautiful due to their professional expertise. I could not ask for more.

Kevin Cine

Everything we could have asked for

After being forced to postpone our wedding twice, my fiancée and I decided we were tired of waiting and wanted to do go simple. We just wanted it to be us 2 and an officiant. We were fortunate enough to find Michael and Ken, who were truly a blessing. They not only worked with us on short notice but proved to be a huge help while we scrambled to get things organized last minute.

On the day of our wedding, they were in communication with me throughout the morning, even calling me with a reminder to bring the marriage certificate. Even though it was not the big wedding that we had originally planned for, the ceremony was everything we could have asked for and more. Ken helped us by taking pictures, and Michael gave a fantastic sermon that was so perfectly fitting you would have thought he had known us for years. They were nice enough to stay with us for a few hours to take pictures afterwards.

Honestly, it is difficult to put into words how thankful and blessed we are that things worked out the way they did. After the pandemic forced us to postpone twice, we never would have thought we could have been as happy as we were about the way our ceremony turned out. Thank you so much.

Danny & Amanda


Our Light During COVID-19

We came across The Men In Black when we decided to change our original wedding plans due to COVID. Planning a wedding during COVID was stressful and The Men in Black were our light in this dark time. They made our day absolutely perfect given the difficult circumstances. The Men in Black were very understanding, informative, and supportive. They provided us with a wealth of information and really listened to our wants and needs.
With COVID we had decided to get married in our parents living room with no more than 10 people and the Men In Black made great suggestions with the room layout to make our ceremony more intimate and comfortable for our guests.
The ceremony was exactly what we hoped for and we would highly recommend them to our family and friends.

Rev. Ken and Msgr. Michael, we cannot thank you enough for helping us create such a special day and we look forward to our vow renewals with you both in the years to come!

Bethany Beach, DE

Clare Mercanti

Five Stars All The Way!

See photos at: Alex & Andrew // Lauxmont Farms Wedding Lancaster » EarthMark Photography

Before my daughter was even officially engaged, I had begun the search for a wedding officiant. We were not on the same page. My husband and I wanted her to have a traditional Catholic church wedding, which was not what she envisioned for her wedding ceremony. I wanted a priest, but I knew that a priest would not marry a couple outside of the church. So I was thrilled when I found Men In Black Wedding Officiants through a google search. I knew from the moment we contacted them that they were the perfect fit for what I wanted and for what my daughter wanted. They are very detailed oriented and always answer any questions very promptly. To say they are organized is an understatement!

On my daughter’s wedding day, we were all very excited to meet Rev. Msgr. Carroll and Rev. Warne. They are both very friendly and have a great sense of humor. The ceremony couldn’t have been more perfect. After the ceremony, guest after guest came up to my husband and me and commented on how beautiful the wedding ceremony was and how much they enjoyed listening to Rev. Carroll and Rev. Warne. We were also very honored to have them do a blessing before we ate, and they even made everyone laugh out loud with a funny joke!

I would highly recommend Men in Black. We couldn’t be more pleased. Five Stars all the way!!

Thank you again so much!
Frances Johnson
(Mother of the Bride)


Perfect Wedding!!

We knew from the first time we meant with Michael and Ken that they were perfect to perform our wedding ceremony. We were laughing and sharing our life stories within a matter of minutes. They made us feel like we had known them forever and a day!
Michael and Ken helped us plan our ceremony which was filled with religion, humor, and inspiring readings that were perfect for today’s world.
Michael and Ken could not have been more accommodating to our needs. We had planned to get married on July 15th; however, Dave woke up at 3 AM that morning with a kidney stone. After spending four hours in the emergency room, we had a huge decision to make. Do we or do we not get married at 4 PM? We had no idea what to do, so I reached out to Michael and Ken for some advice. They were wonderful and assured us that they would be there for us either at 4 PM or whenever we were ready. We decided to postpone the ceremony until the next day. The next morning, Ken called me to see how Dave was feeling first thing in the morning.
Our ceremony finally took place the next day, Thursday, July 16 at Baywood Country Club, Rehoboth Beach. It was the perfect day! During the ceremony, they had a surprise for us, which we know nothing about. It turned out to be something that we had mentioned during our first meeting several weeks before the wedding. We could not believe they remembered and made it part of our ceremony. What a wonderful surprise!
Our guests could not stop talking about how beautiful the ceremony was. In fact, they still mention how wonderful Michael and Ken were as we reminisce that day.
We want to thank Michael and Ken for making OUR day incredibly special and memorable.
Mike & Dave

Mike Shuman / David Fleming
July 16, 2020

*Catholic Mass in the time of COVID19

I have known Michael and Ken for years in the wedding industry as we are fellow wedding officiants. When my grandfather died unexpectedly during this COVID19 crisis I found out just how hard it is to deal with the *Catholic Church in the time of a pandemic.

My grandfather had always requested that he have a full *Catholic Mass for his funeral. When I called his church and explained that we needed to be able to Zoom the *Catholic Mass for our family in Ireland, they refused. I called a few other parishes before I realized that the *Catholic Church was not going to be adapting for the pandemic.

As I said, I knew Michael and Ken as I had referred weddings to them before. When they learned of my grandfather’s passing they were kind enough to email me to offer condolences. That is when it hit me – ask Michael and Ken to help!

I had already planned to officiate a celebration of life for him but we still had not solved for the *Catholic Mass. When I asked them there was no hesitation. They were so eager to assist me and to make it perfect. They even let me take a look at the ceremony script beforehand so that my family members could make edits.

Michael and Ken were such a Godsend, a true blessing! They helped me arrange a full funeral service, with *Catholic Mass and a celebration of life, in 21 hours!!! In less than a day we were all together, across 3 continents and 7 different time zones, for a live *Catholic Funeral on ZOOM!

I cannot thank you both enough, on behalf of my whole family. As I said at the end of the service, “at a time when it is virtually impossible to have a *Catholic funeral, you made it possible- virtually!”

So many family members shared with me afterwards how moved they were by the experience that I am already in contact with them about offering these for our clients in the future. It is my true wish that all those who are experiencing the loss of a loved one in this time, still be able to make meaningful rituals to celebrate and mourn our loved ones with respect and dignity. I look forward to working with Michael and Ken to fulfill this wish in the near future!

Thanks again!
Rev. Laura Cannon

Ceremony Officiants – Rev. Laura Cannon & Associates

*Note: *Catholic: independent non-roman catholic rite Mass


We Cannot Thank Them Enough

In March 2020, my fiancé and I had to postpone our Grand Cayman wedding three days beforehand due to COVID-19. We set a new date in June, but we were notified in May that we would need to delay again. Wanting to keep our date, we canceled our destination plans and started arranging a backyard wedding in our hometown.

We only had a few weeks, so our first search was for an officiant, which is how we came across the Men in Black. Their reviews were outstanding, and from the videos, we watched of them, we could see why. We decided to reach out – and we are so happy we did.

From the very start, they were engaging and focused on making sure our ceremony was EXACTLY how we intended. We did not have long before the wedding, but they took what little time we did have to understand our vision and then provided us with options to choose from and/or personalize. They also sent us several useful ceremony tips and resources to help guide us along the way.

We could go on about how great they are. But if we had to give one reason why we highly recommend them, it would be the experience. They made everything simple, fun, and most importantly, they made it about the two of us. We cannot thank them enough for creating such a special and sacred ceremony.
John & Christina
Annapolis, MD

Greetings Christina and John,
Thank you for your very kind words. We are so appreciative.

There is an expression . . . “When God closes the front door, He opens, all the windows!”

That is what we have dealt with Couples during this Pandemic, in having their wedding plans dashed and wedding ceremony rescheduled and yet rescheduled once again. We have opened the windows for them to see a wonderful alternative to having their wedding be special. We have a passion for officiating at wedding ceremonies. We have been doing this now (about 2200 weddings over the years) in us giving 120% in every wedding. It’s really in our blood so to speak. We custom design every ceremony around the Couple. We do not use a “shelf canned ceremony” where 1 shoe fits all. This bride said it correct, couples choose us, they write great reviews of us and refer us to others . . . because of our many many years of experience and us acknowledging it’s the couples BIG day, not our day. In the ceremony, we are inviting and engaging with the Couple, family members, relatives, and guests to enter and be present in the ceremony with the Couple . . versus just being a bored spectator “hoping the reception starts soon”. The event of a Marriage provides us all with Hope & Joy as love becomes the wondrous journey for 2 people to join together on, not just as Husband & Wife, but also as each other’s confidant and true best friend. We insert humor in the right places during the ceremony and we also stand in Awe of the Sacred commitments occurring and being made in the exchange of Vows and Rings. So we are most grateful for the great review we have gotten from this Couple and we wish them God Speed on their new journey as Husband & Wife.

Thank you.
Revs. Carroll and Warne

Christina Helton
June 13, 2020

Bless Rev. Ken & Msgr. Michael during COVID 19 Wedding!

Reverend Ken & Msgr. Michael did a wonderful job performing our ceremony. The COVID 19 crisis had us recreate our plans to adhere to the guidelines. Rev. Ken and Msgr. Michael met the challenge with dignity, grace, support, kindness, incredible efficiency, attention to detail, and a wonderful sense of humor. The day was terrific. The short homily provided during the ceremony was so touching and beautifully said. Despite the ceremony being very small . . . it was mighty! Delightful, genuine, and kind individuals. It could not have been any better.

Elizabeth & Richard
May 9, 2020
Seaford, DE

Elizabeth Walsh
May 9, 2020


My husband is Catholic and I am not, and it was very important to him that we have a Catholic Ceremony. A church wedding was something that I had never pictured for myself and we had to find a way to have our dream wedding outside of a church. Insert MIB. We were thrilled when we learned about their services and even more thrilled when we met them in person. Not only was our ceremony beautiful, but they were able to incorporate aspects that were important to me as well as my husband.

Ken and Michael were so very patient with me, my husband our daughter, and our gang of hooligans. They made sure that our ceremony was fun and engaging for our guests.

We were very pleased with our ceremony and would use Ken and Michael again!

Layla Hooke & Michael Hooke
Bunker Hill, WV 25413

Layla Hooke

Made Our Day Even More Memorable

We highly recommend Men in Black Wedding Officiants. We could not have been more pleased with the way our Vow Renewal turned out. Greatly appreciated the effort that MIB took to get to know us and work with us to tailor the ceremony so that it was unique and something everyone could connect with instead of just a standard service. Everyone enjoyed the light touches that were woven into making our beach ceremony memorable. Our guests keep complimenting us on having Reverend Msgr. Michael and Deacon Ken officiate. They helped make our 30th wedding anniversary truly a special occasion. Have no doubt about hiring Men in Black for your event.
Geri & David
Dewey Beach, DE

Geri & David
June 23, 2019

Most Meaningful Ceremony

Michael and Ken did an absolutely wonderful job. This was one of the most meaningful ceremonies I’ve ever attended. The ceremony was personalized and respectful. It was lovely that both the mothers and fathers were included. With such a lovely touch to have the mothers present the wedding rings to the couple. I would highly recommend them. Mary Gould – Wedding Guest

Mary Gould

Absoluety The Best

Ken and Michael were an absolute delight to work with. I had the pleasure of working with these two from a wedding planners point of view. They were very thorough in their details for the ceremony when working with the bride and groom. They helped make their ceremony so meaning full and quite memorable. They are so friendly, easy to work with, and added fun to the ceremony. But at the same time very professional. They are definitely going on my preferred vendor list. I will use them every chance I get as my wedding officiates.

Happily Hooked Wedding and Events, LLC
Happily Hooked Weddings & Event planning was created on a solid foundation and passion by a hopeless romantic. Offering a range of services from day-to-day coordination to full planning and Hourly Planning & Consultations Available.

Jennifer Garmer
© 443-497-3253


Jennifer Garmer

Absolutely the best from start to finish

Ken and Michael were amazing to work with. We wanted a casual vibe while keeping with religious traditions. Their wedding ceremony process is unsurpassed and resulted in a ceremony that was exactly what we were looking for. The true testament of both of them is the numerous compliments our guests had of them. We heard from guests that is was the best – most beautiful ceremony that they have been to. Ken and Michael are knowledgeable about their craft and just wonderful guys with life-size personalities.

Jason and Maryellen
September 14, 2019
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Jason and Maryellen
September 14, 2019

Perfect Ceremony for us!

Ken and Michael helped us prepare an intimate ceremony that we personalized with their suggestions along with special readings. They know wedding ceremony pitfalls and challenges better than any wedding planner. The hints they provided made our ceremony by the water perfect. They joined our reception like family, and all had a blast. Our friends are still talking about Ken and Michael. If you want a special ceremony, these two are the right ones. Thanks, Michael and Ken!

Pat and Gary
September 7, 2019

Pat and Gary
September 7, 2019

Men in Black are the best!

All I can say is that finding The Men in Black Wedding Officiants (Ken and Michael) made all my wedding wishes come true! All my questions were answered immediately and with the utmost reassurance that I so desperately needed! We only had 1 week to plan our wedding and the Men in Black made that happen! We couldn’t be happier! Thank you, Kenneth and Michael! You will always have our 100% recommendation!
Kathleen Cocuzzi and Joseph Gallo
Ocean City, MD on 08-12-2019

Kathleen Cocuzzi and Joseph Gallo
Ocean City, MD on 08-12-2019

Ken and Michael were Outstanding

Ken and Michael were outstanding. We found them by chance through another officiate who could not make our wedding. They work with you far in advance and it can be as large a ceremony or as compressed a ceremony as you would like. We also had them do a sunrise ceremony besides the evening event at 5 pm. We invited them to the party and they were funny and great and felt like they were part of the family. You would not be disappointed.

Rose and Greg 8/20/19
Parents of the Bride

Reply from MIBWO: We are glad we had the opportunity to Officiate at this couples wedding ceremony and we also got the chance to get to know their family and guests at the Reception. The ceremony was very meaningful, inviting, and engaging. MANY of the guests made it a point to come up to us and tell us how very much they enjoyed, not just the wedding ceremony itself, but mostly the words in our Sermon message we gave as well. We appreciate all these kind words, as Deacon Ken works 120% to provide the planning communications and the creation of a custom-designed wedding ceremony script just for a couple as to be a unique and memorable special moment in the new Bride and Grooms new marriage. We wish this couple and their families, happiness, and health for the many years to come.

Gregory B.
August 17, 2019

Absolutely Incredible

My wife Lauren and I couldn’t be any happier with our officiants. Their experience has clearly bred expertise, I cannot recommend them enough. They are wonderful people with warm hearts who know what they’re doing. They do an excellent job of keeping couples on schedule in preparing their highly customizable ceremony. Their anecdotes were both meaningful and entertaining. They also had the little things down pat – for example, our maid of honor got 2 coughs into an allergy-driven coughing fit mid-ceremony and Ken somehow had a lozenge on hand to discretely give to her. Incredible. Do yourself a favor and book them, if you haven’t already! Thank you Michael and Ken!

David Ruggieri

They felt like old friends – we are so happy

“When we were looking for an officiate for our wedding, we weren’t sure where to go or what to do. By chance, we stumbled across Men in Black Wedding Officiants. Let me tell you, I am so happy that this happened! They were so helpful with everything and had no problem answering any questions that I (or my now husband) had! They were so patient throughout all the chaos that was going on and they kept me calm. The day went flying by and they made it so easy for us! They made it so personal for us! … And even cracked a joke in the middle of it because a couple of frogs (we had an outdoor wedding) would not stop croaking. Got everybody laughing (honestly, it put me more at ease). I would always recommend them to anyone who is getting married! I’m generally very shy and not quick to open up.  and I was just happy to have them there at the wedding and to share our special day with them! Thanks again, Men in Black Wedding Officiants!”

Kate & Jim
May 04, 2019

The Wedding was Perfect in Every Way!

We had the Men in Black Wedding Officiants perform the marriage of our daughter in Charleston, SC in mid-April.  I had attended a wedding in Philadelphia more than 4 years ago where they officiated – the wedding ceremony was just beautiful and so memorable.  I reached out to Monsignor Carroll and Reverend Warne thinking that they would be perfect for our daughter’s wedding.  They were!!  They traveled a great distance to Charleston to marry Megan and Brendan – the wedding was perfect in every way!  The ceremony blended a non-traditional approach with simplicity and deep spirituality.  As Roman Catholics, it was important to us that there be a spiritual element to the wedding ceremony as well as a personal touch.   Both officiants were very professional, warm, funny, personal and very memorable.  It’s clear that they truly care about ensuring that everyone involved in the wedding is pleased with the outcome – especially the bride and groom!   After the wedding, several of our guests complimented their part in a very memorable ceremony!    We hope to see them again!

Eileen Finn & Associates, 100 Park Ave, 16th Floor | New York, NY 10017

MIBWO Reply: This was just one of those great fairy tale weddings you hear about, but one that has come true! What a wonderful family and extended family to officiate a wedding ceremony for. Their attention to detail and listening to our advice involvement was over the top. Their steady commitment to follow through on all the many details of such a complex wedding in logistics just made our work in officiating planning easier. Especially when we were juggling logistics to attend a venue over 10 hours away. We have become dear friends in the process. We met Eileen, the bride’s mother, as a guest at another wedding almost 5 years ago. Such an honor for us to have had her reach out to us to officiate at her daughter’s wedding. So so many of their guests attending the wedding ceremony we officiated at, came up to us during the reception and stated to us over and over that it was the best wedding ceremony they ever attended! We are most flattered. We wish them health, wealth and deep love for many years to come as husband and wife. Thank you again, Men In Black Wedding Officiants


Eileen Finn

The Best!

These guys are the best!
My husband decided to plan an impromptu Vow Renewal for our 12 year Wedding Anniversary after he lost his wedding ring in the ocean while on vacation a week before our Anniversary. He had less than a week to get everything together including getting new rings and finding someone to perform the ceremony on such short notice.
He contacted Men in Black and they were so helpful and friendly. They took care of everything ceremony related and traveled to his chosen location, which happened to be the beach where he lost the ring. The ceremony was beautiful and absolutely perfect and we were able to exchange our new rings in a place that means so much to us.
The Men in Black were an absolute joy to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out.

Jacqueline & Chris
June 30, 2019

The Men in Black offer a superior service. Memorial Service and Spreading of Ashes at Sea

The Men in Black exceeded my expectations with exceptional service. Rev. Msgr. Michael K. Carroll, USAFR & Rev. Mr. Kenneth R. Warne performed my husband’s burial at sea and scattering of ashes. We sailed out of Lewes, Delaware where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. Extremely organized and detail-oriented, The Men in Black offer a superior service. Highly recommend.

May 18, 2019

The Perfect Fit

We cannot express how thankful we are for Michael and Ken. They were warm and welcoming right from the start, taking the time to explain their process to us over breakfast. They were funny and friendly and kept us informed. They were so accommodating to what we envisioned for our ceremony, and provided us with multiple examples and options of how we could piece it all together to make it perfect for us. Ken was so patient with me as a stressed out Bride and didn’t seem offended when I kept jumping the gun. We are again so thankful for their service, our ceremony was perfect and so “us”.
10/10 would definitely recommend.

Joey & Jake
May 04, 2019

Best Wedding Ceremony Ever


As mother-of-the-bride, I would, of course, think my daughter beautiful anyway. Men In Black were part of the reason she was so radiant. Their personalized ceremony was perfect for a couple who are spiritual without being bound to any precise denomination. Jake and Joey were adamant about including all faiths, and all beliefs in their ceremony and Men In Black did just that.

Their friendliness and good humor set the tone for a beautiful ceremony.

My daughter told me I would love you guys, and she was right. Thank you for giving Jake and Joey the wedding ceremony of their (and my) dreams.

Ellen Eveland
May 04, 2019

“Such a Memorable Day”

Men in Black! Michael and Ken . . . words really cannot describe the extent of the positive experience we have had. Not only for our wedding but also all our children’s Baptisms. Thank you so much for being a part of our family life.


Harry & Jennifer Clark
July 31, 2016

“Men in Black are Phenomenal with Genuine Compassion”

The Men in Black are phenomenal and were phenomenal on our big day. They made my wife and I’s wedding everything we hoped it would be. They listen (to your requests, preferences), advise (what to anticipate, hear your back story and acknowledge your heritage), and manage in a compassionate manner. My wife and I’s wedding meant everything in the world to us and they made sure to genuinely accommodate. Not only will they offer assistance but they will continue to reach out to you throughout the wedding process as friendly reminders. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat and still can not thank them enough. It took me weeks to approach a review because words alone can’t capture what they bring to the table. I had the honor to be a guest at a wedding they officiated and now have the honor to say they officiated my wife and I’s.

Thomas and Elizabeth
January 20, 2019 - Hotel DuPont - Wilmington, DE

“They are top-notch true professionals and are the best of the best!”


“Rev. Msgr. Michael K. Carroll, USAFR & Rev. Mr. Kenneth R. Warne had everything and more which made me feel extremely comfortable having them as our officiants. They were with Ty and I the entire time through our wedding planning moments before and after the wedding. I am beyond grateful for everything they offered to Ty and I like pre-wedding discussion documents to talking through our relationship wants and needs. Whenever we were with Ken and Michael, they always were friendly, kind, caring, funny and compassionate. ”


Meghan and Ty
August 25, 2018

“Perfect Combination of Professionalism and Charm”

We are so happy we picked Men in Black to officiate our wedding! Working with Kenneth and Michael was truly a pleasure from start to finish. They helped us prepare the perfect script and made us feel at ease on our big day. We received multiple compliments on the ceremony and would recommend them to anyone looking for the perfect combination of professionalism and charm.

Pamela and Jeff
September 22, 2018

“The Best in the Biz!!”

Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!

Words really cannot describe the extent of the positive experience my wife and I had dealing with the Men in Black. From start to finish the MIB were extremely responsive, informative, helpful and wonderful to deal with. The amount of information they had and suggestions in helping to form the ceremony made our lives so much easier and allowed us to focus our time and energy in other aspects of the wedding.

The guys are extremely detail oriented and organized which allowed for a flawless ceremony that our guests raved about. They listened to our wants and needs and time constraints and formulated a perfect religious ceremony that mirrored our personalities and humor. The timing, the feel, the readings, the music and the little jokes they told about created the perfect balance between a normal mass and casual setting.

In short, these guys are absolute pros at what they do. They are caring, funny, professional, reliable and very well organized. I would recommend them to anyone from any background looking to tie the knot. It was an honor and a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends or family members looking to marry.

Christopher Cyriax
December 1, 2018

“Men In Black Officiants Make Your Wedding As Special As It SHOULD Be!”

Being in the wedding industry myself, I’ve had the opportunity to work with The Men In Black Officiants quite a few times over the years.  From the beach to the country…and large venues to smaller intimate gatherings… they always do such an outstanding job.

While other officiants may forget names, lose their place, go off on tangents or even speak so quietly that you can’t hear them (even with a microphone)….the Men In Black are engaging and exemplify professionalism during a wedding ceremony.  They are truly the exception to the rule when it comes to wedding officiants in this market.

Being involved in the wedding industry since 1989, I’ve seen (first hand) the difference that a professional service can make.  Sadly, we live in a time when many couples choose to forgo a professional service and choose a family member or friend (with little to no experience in this field) to officiate their wedding ceremony.   Though some go well…I can’t tell you how many couples have expressed remorse (after the fact) that they didn’t choose a professional.

Maybe you, yourself, have been a wedding guest and were not impressed by a wedding officiant.  I’m certain that it could be very easy to dismiss this part of your big day.  Maybe your thought is that “anyone can do that”.  Yes, that’s the truth anyone “can” do it….but not everyone can-do-it-well-and makes the ceremony special.  In fact, you may have no earthly idea of how special it can actually be, when done correctly.  Smiles, tears, laughter, memories, and encouragement are all elements that make up a unique ceremony….but in many cases, they are missing.  This is YOUR wedding.  It’s YOUR once in a lifetime event. It SHOULD be amazing!

With the Men In Black…it’s never hit or miss.  They always deliver what they promise.  They take the time to work with each couple to create a one of a kind ceremony that is truly centered around each couple’s unique relationship together.  They’re easy to get in touch with during your planning stages and are quick to return all inquiries.

Always smiling, always on time, always prepared, and always giving 100 Percent.  Both you and your wedding guests are guaranteed extraordinary memories.  In short, when we do things with LOVE, they are done well.  I can tell you that the Men In Black love what they do… and do what they love.  It shows at every wedding.

Regards, Steve Moody. The area’s leading choice for Wedding Reception Entertainment.

Steve Moody-The area's leading choice for Wedding Reception Entertainment. Visit
June 23, 2018

“Within 24 hours Men In Black had Found 2 Venue Locations”

“A week before our wedding on the beach my fiancé (at the time) and I were faced with the possibility of bad weather. We were so upset because of all of the planning and decorations and the dream we had of our wedding was crumbling around us. We couldn’t find a venue that wasn’t already booked or that was close to a location that included food and hotels for our family. We spoke to The Men in Black Wedding Officiants and they immediately got to work looking for a venue and preparing our ceremony. It was unbelievable! Within 24 hours they had found 2 venue locations. One of them we actually fell in love with and got it for a phenomenal deal. Ken didn’t waste any time coordinating, he called and spoke with the manager and setup a meeting for us to see the location and meet the owner. They even rearranged their schedule to accommodate the meeting so we could sit down and go over everything with us to get a game plan since we had less than a week to get everything together. The Men in Black officiated our wedding on 10/28/2018. They kept in contact throughout the whole wedding process, even offering advice about the ceremony table and chair layout, which we found super helpful! Ken and Michael are so great to work with! They will customize your ceremony script to make your day extra special! On the day of the ceremony, I had forgotten the easel for the “cord of three strands” ritual as well as forgetting to untie the braids before beginning the ceremony. It was the only ritual I wanted and it meant so much to me. I thought it was ruined but Ken and Michael turned without missing a beat and revealed their own cord of three strands that they had actually made for us as a gift. I was moved to tears. The fact that two people who had just met us could care so much about our wedding day. They were determined to make our day special and they made it absolutely unforgettable. They were absolute angels from God! At every step of the way we faced some obstacle and they smiled and had a solution. Thank you so much for everything! We look forward to seeing you at our 5-year vow renewal!”

Lauren and Brandon Edwards
October 28, 2018

“Couldn’t Be Happier”

Kenneth and Michael were awesome! My wife and I couldn’t be happier that we decided to chose the Men in Black Wedding Officiants for our big day! I would recommend them for others moving forwards!

September 29, 2017

“Such a Memorable Day”

My fiancé and I were faced with the challenge of moving our wedding date up to accommodate his very ill parents. It was super important for his parents to be there for our wedding day, but their health was failing……BOTH of them at the same time. We decided to forego the traditional “big family wedding” and opted for an intimate, immediate “family only” ceremony in the matter of weeks.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but having to put EVERYTHING together in a few weeks is almost impossible. I was looking for a wedding officiant who was flexible, organized, competent and most of all, had a warm and welcoming sense of humor. The Men In Black exceeded all of those expectations beyond our wildest imagination. They were responsive from the first inquiry, and from there, it was flawless…….Absolutely SUPER ORGANIZED……NO MATTER WHAT DENOMINATION OR FAITH YOU PRACTICE, MEN IN BLACK CAN AND WILL ACCOMODATE YOU. I was so hesitant about shying away from the “the traditional church wedding”, but time was not on our side. The MEN IN BLACK were a God sent . . . I cannot thank them enough for their professional service, quality of ceremony and amazing communication throughout.

If you are looking for an officiant, please . . . LOOK NO MORE . . . THE MEN IN BLACK ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. Congrats on your big day!!!! You have enough to worry about . . . Let the Men In Black do what they do best!!!!!!

Two very special men!!! Thank you so much for making our celebration a such a memorable day!!! It certainly would not have been the same without you ❤️

Jamie and Tommy
July 22, 2018

The wisdom, love, acceptance, guidance, and elegant spirituality you effortlessly radiate

Dear Michael and Kenneth,

To express our gratitude to the both of you seems impossible. The wisdom, love, acceptance, guidance, and elegant spirituality you effortlessly radiate taught us so much.

Michael, you spoke of God in such fluid, caring, and comfortable terms making it effortless for the first time in many years, for us to accept and believe without reservation that God does indeed love, accept, and bless what we have. The way you lead our ceremony with the appreciation of diverse religions expressing the same message of love through different traditions was so poignant.

Kenneth, your friendly ways and your accepting and inclusive nature from the moment we all met, we felt a connection with you. When we met you at your home, the love and devotion you express through the care of your home, through the nurturing of your gardens, and by your attention to detail for facets of life you know will strengthen us with the beauty of unconditional love.

Thank you both for everything. Our blossoming friendship with you is very much looked forward to on our new “married” journey together.  K & T


K & T - Venue: Meridian International House - Washington, DC
May 14, 2005

“Perfect Mix of Funny and Poignant Moments”

We can’t express our gratitude enough for the great job done by Kenneth and Michael during our wedding ceremony this past Saturday. It was the perfect mix of funny and poignant moments and our guests were blown away by how good it was. Kenneth and Michael put a lot of hard work into making sure the ceremony goes according to plan and have a lot of great ideas on how to make your special day the best it possibly can be. If you book Men in Black officiants, you will not be disappointed! Thank you for everything Kenneth and Michael!

Jon and Kelly Caplan
July 29, 2017