Client Reviews

“A Blast From the Past from 05.14.2005”

Dear Michael and Kenneth,

To express our gratitude to the both of you seems impossible. The wisdom, love, acceptance, guidance, and elegant spirituality you effortlessly radiate taught us so much.

Michael, you spoke of God in such fluid, caring, and comfortable terms making it effortless for the first time in many years, for us to accept and believe without reservation that God does indeed love, accept, and bless what we have. The way you lead our ceremony with the appreciation of diverse religions expressing the same message of love through different traditions was so poignant.

Kenneth, your friendly ways and your accepting and inclusive nature from the moment we all met, we felt a connection with you. When we met you at your home, the love and devotion you express through the care of your home, through the nurturing of your gardens, and by your attention to detail for facets of life you know will strengthen us with the beauty of unconditional love.

Thank you both for everything. Our blossoming friendship with you is very much looked forward to on our new “married” journey together.  K & T


K & T - Venue: Meridian International House - Washington, DC
May 14, 2005

“Men in Black are Phenomenal with Genuine Compassion”

The Men in Black are phenomenal and were phenomenal on our big day. They made my wife and I’s wedding everything we hoped it would be. They listen (to your requests, preferences), advise (what to anticipate, hear your back story and acknowledge your heritage), and manage in a compassionate manner. My wife and I’s wedding meant everything in the world to us and they made sure to genuinely accommodate. Not only will they offer assistance but they will continue to reach out to you throughout the wedding process as friendly reminders. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat and still can not thank them enough. It took me weeks to approach a review because words alone can’t capture what they bring to the table. I had the honor to be a guest at a wedding they officiated and now have the honor to say they officiated my wife and I’s.

Thomas and Elizabeth
January 20, 2019 - Hotel DuPont - Wilmington, DE

“They are top-notch true professionals and are the best of the best!”


“Rev. Msgr. Michael K. Carroll, USAFR & Rev. Mr. Kenneth R. Warne had everything and more which made me feel extremely comfortable having them as our officiants. They were with Ty and I the entire time through our wedding planning moments before and after the wedding. I am beyond grateful for everything they offered to Ty and I like pre-wedding discussion documents to talking through our relationship wants and needs. Whenever we were with Ken and Michael, they always were friendly, kind, caring, funny and compassionate. ”


Meghan and Ty
August 25, 2018

“Perfect Combination of Professionalism and Charm”

We are so happy we picked Men in Black to officiate our wedding! Working with Kenneth and Michael was truly a pleasure from start to finish. They helped us prepare the perfect script and made us feel at ease on our big day. We received multiple compliments on the ceremony and would recommend them to anyone looking for the perfect combination of professionalism and charm.

Pamela and Jeff
September 22, 2018

“The Best in the Biz!!”

Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!

Words really cannot describe the extent of the positive experience my wife and I had dealing with the Men in Black. From start to finish the MIB were extremely responsive, informative, helpful and wonderful to deal with. The amount of information they had and suggestions in helping to form the ceremony made our lives so much easier and allowed us to focus our time and energy in other aspects of the wedding.

The guys are extremely detail oriented and organized which allowed for a flawless ceremony that our guests raved about. They listened to our wants and needs and time constraints and formulated a perfect religious ceremony that mirrored our personalities and humor. The timing, the feel, the readings, the music and the little jokes they told about created the perfect balance between a normal mass and casual setting.

In short, these guys are absolute pros at what they do. They are caring, funny, professional, reliable and very well organized. I would recommend them to anyone from any background looking to tie the knot. It was an honor and a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends or family members looking to marry.

Christopher Cyriax
December 1, 2018

“Men In Black Officiants Make Your Wedding As Special As It SHOULD Be!”

Being in the wedding industry myself, I’ve had the opportunity to work with The Men In Black Officiants quite a few times over the years.  From the beach to the country…and large venues to smaller intimate gatherings… they always do such an outstanding job.

While other officiants may forget names, lose their place, go off on tangents or even speak so quietly that you can’t hear them (even with a microphone)….the Men In Black are engaging and exemplify professionalism during a wedding ceremony.  They are truly the exception to the rule when it comes to wedding officiants in this market.

Being involved in the wedding industry since 1989, I’ve seen (first hand) the difference that a professional service can make.  Sadly, we live in a time when many couples choose to forgo a professional service and choose a family member or friend (with little to no experience in this field) to officiate their wedding ceremony.   Though some go well…I can’t tell you how many couples have expressed remorse (after the fact) that they didn’t choose a professional.

Maybe you, yourself, have been a wedding guest and were not impressed by a wedding officiant.  I’m certain that it could be very easy to dismiss this part of your big day.  Maybe your thought is that “anyone can do that”.  Yes, that’s the truth anyone “can” do it….but not everyone can-do-it-well-and makes the ceremony special.  In fact, you may have no earthly idea of how special it can actually be, when done correctly.  Smiles, tears, laughter, memories, and encouragement are all elements that make up a unique ceremony….but in many cases, they are missing.  This is YOUR wedding.  It’s YOUR once in a lifetime event. It SHOULD be amazing!

With the Men In Black…it’s never hit or miss.  They always deliver what they promise.  They take the time to work with each couple to create a one of a kind ceremony that is truly centered around each couple’s unique relationship together.  They’re easy to get in touch with during your planning stages and are quick to return all inquiries.

Always smiling, always on time, always prepared, and always giving 100 Percent.  Both you and your wedding guests are guaranteed extraordinary memories.  In short, when we do things with LOVE, they are done well.  I can tell you that the Men In Black love what they do… and do what they love.  It shows at every wedding.

Regards, Steve Moody. The area’s leading choice for Wedding Reception Entertainment.

Steve Moody-The area's leading choice for Wedding Reception Entertainment. Visit
June 23, 2018

“Within 24 hours Men In Black had Found 2 Venue Locations”

“A week before our wedding on the beach my fiancé (at the time) and I were faced with the possibility of bad weather. We were so upset because of all of the planning and decorations and the dream we had of our wedding was crumbling around us. We couldn’t find a venue that wasn’t already booked or that was close to a location that included food and hotels for our family. We spoke to The Men in Black Wedding Officiants and they immediately got to work looking for a venue and preparing our ceremony. It was unbelievable! Within 24 hours they had found 2 venue locations. One of them we actually fell in love with and got it for a phenomenal deal. Ken didn’t waste any time coordinating, he called and spoke with the manager and setup a meeting for us to see the location and meet the owner. They even rearranged their schedule to accommodate the meeting so we could sit down and go over everything with us to get a game plan since we had less than a week to get everything together. The Men in Black officiated our wedding on 10/28/2018. They kept in contact throughout the whole wedding process, even offering advice about the ceremony table and chair layout, which we found super helpful! Ken and Michael are so great to work with! They will customize your ceremony script to make your day extra special! On the day of the ceremony, I had forgotten the easel for the “cord of three strands” ritual as well as forgetting to untie the braids before beginning the ceremony. It was the only ritual I wanted and it meant so much to me. I thought it was ruined but Ken and Michael turned without missing a beat and revealed their own cord of three strands that they had actually made for us as a gift. I was moved to tears. The fact that two people who had just met us could care so much about our wedding day. They were determined to make our day special and they made it absolutely unforgettable. They were absolute angels from God! At every step of the way we faced some obstacle and they smiled and had a solution. Thank you so much for everything! We look forward to seeing you at our 5-year vow renewal!”

Lauren and Brandon Edwards
October 28, 2018

“Perfect Mix of Funny and Poignant Moments”

We can’t express our gratitude enough for the great job done by Kenneth and Michael during our wedding ceremony this past Saturday. It was the perfect mix of funny and poignant moments and our guests were blown away by how good it was. Kenneth and Michael put a lot of hard work into making sure the ceremony goes according to plan and have a lot of great ideas on how to make your special day the best it possibly can be. If you book Men in Black officiants, you will not be disappointed! Thank you for everything Kenneth and Michael!

Jon and Kelly Caplan
July 29, 2017

“Couldn’t Be Happier”

Kenneth and Michael were awesome! My wife and I couldn’t be happier that we decided to chose the Men in Black Wedding Officiants for our big day! I would recommend them for others moving forwards!

September 29, 2017

“Such a Memorable Day”

My fiancé and I were faced with the challenge of moving our wedding date up to accommodate his very ill parents. It was super important for his parents to be there for our wedding day, but their health was failing……BOTH of them at the same time. We decided to forego the traditional “big family wedding” and opted for an intimate, immediate “family only” ceremony in the matter of weeks.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but having to put EVERYTHING together in a few weeks is almost impossible. I was looking for a wedding officiant who was flexible, organized, competent and most of all, had a warm and welcoming sense of humor. The Men In Black exceeded all of those expectations beyond our wildest imagination. They were responsive from the first inquiry, and from there, it was flawless…….Absolutely SUPER ORGANIZED……NO MATTER WHAT DENOMINATION OR FAITH YOU PRACTICE, MEN IN BLACK CAN AND WILL ACCOMODATE YOU. I was so hesitant about shying away from the “the traditional church wedding”, but time was not on our side. The MEN IN BLACK were a God sent . . . I cannot thank them enough for their professional service, quality of ceremony and amazing communication throughout.

If you are looking for an officiant, please . . . LOOK NO MORE . . . THE MEN IN BLACK ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. Congrats on your big day!!!! You have enough to worry about . . . Let the Men In Black do what they do best!!!!!!

Two very special men!!! Thank you so much for making our celebration a such a memorable day!!! It certainly would not have been the same without you ❤️

Jamie and Tommy
July 22, 2018