Services & Fees

“Men in Black Wedding Officiants balance fun with the Sacred, are spiritual as well as sensitive, in addition, they are engaging and inclusive of all couples and guests.”

We Officiate at Ceremonies for:

MIBWO is located in the Rehoboth Beach/Lewes, DE area, and we travel to wedding venues in DE, MD, VA, PA, NJ, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilmington DE, all the Eastern & Western Shores of Maryland. Including the beach areas of Lewes, Rehoboth, Dewey, Bethany, Fenwick Island DE, Ocean City MD, (the Delmarva Peninsula), Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, Southern NJ, and NJ Beaches. Contact us regarding other areas.

A Special Message From Us:

We suggest couples “invest” in their ceremony which is the most important part of their wedding day. The ceremony “IS” your wedding! Your reception is greatly enhanced by us your Officiants presiding over a wonderful wedding ceremony for you. The buzz at a reception from family and guests will be about your wonderful wedding ceremony where your hearts were joined for life. Having the “right “Officiant only makes that happen. We have officiated at over 2,100 weddings in the past 30 plus years, so we know how to make your ceremony perfect! We have a long track record of officiating experience and our ceremonies are worth far more then what you pay for. You want an Officiant that celebrates your ceremony with a larger than life personality. The key here is to secure the right wedding officiant for your ceremony EARLY ON.

Over 85% of wedding ceremonies MIBWO officiates at are Non-denominational. Rev. Carroll is an experienced wedding officiant with valid Legal and Ecclesiastical credentials. He respects all lifestyles and religious traditions, including non-religious and atheist couple’s needs. After 30 years of experience, he is old enough having the acquired experience and wisdom, and yet young enough to maintain a sense of humor to be flexible and engaging during a ceremony. Rev. Carroll is very witty thus making the ceremony a joyful celebration of the couple! Rev. Carroll officiates the Ceremony and Deacon Ken handles administrative functions and serves as the ceremony Master of Ceremonies. Rev. Carroll officially trained for years in Seminary and was Commissioned as an Officer in the Military Chaplain Service and was Ordained in person! This two men approach works well in making sure that all details are covered so that your wedding ceremony is over the top. So having a valid ordained Officiant with over a quarter a century of experience track record giving direction and instructions for your wedding ceremony, is invaluable!

Your Ceremony will have the special attention to include all the little extra details MIBWO inter-weaves into your ceremony, taking your ceremony over the top. The ceremony can be traditional, spiritual, or secular. Carefully chosen words are written by us that reflect you as a couple. The ceremony script guide is used by the Officiant to adjust to the tone and mood of the ceremony on a couple’s behalf. We do not use “canned speeches or scripts”.

We create ceremonies with sensitivity, humor, and a sense of awe. You will be as pleased as were the many 100’s and 100’e of couples we married. We provide ceremony planning with couples by phone, email or texting. A consultation meeting when and if needed can be arranged.

Our Current Fees are as follows:

We can provide ceremonies, indoors/outdoors, on a beach, coastal areas, or at any venue site location. We create and officiate at our beautiful and memorable ceremonies which have fees from:

A) $249.oo fee – ELOPEMENT OPTION – (LOCAL-up to 25 miles) plus travel costs to the venue on a Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, or any Holiday – 2 TO 10 GUESTS — 8-10 minutes ceremony. A preset ceremony script with the exchange of Vows & Rings and Pronouncement. (If not local, the rate is $299 plus travel)

B) $375.oo fee – BASIC WEEKDAY OPTION – plus travel costs to the venue on a Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, or any Weekday Holiday – 15-20 minutes ceremony.

C) $475.oo fee – STANDARD WEEKEND OPTION – plus travel cost to the venue on a Fri, Sat, Sun, or any Week-end Holiday – 20-30 minutes ceremony.

D) $550.oo fee – PREMIER OPTION-CATHOLIC – plus travel cost to the venue. This option is for a Traditional ceremony and/or a catholic ceremony. This option is with/without Mass & Communion and is a shorter version (25-35 minutes) of a usual Catholic ceremony. Description: D – (Option: We provide a short catholic mass (non-roman) with/without communion and or touches of catholic traditions at any venue.) We can provide these options/rituals to create your MIBWO approved ceremony script. This version of a catholic Ceremony may not be recognized by a particular Roman Diocese. Check your RC Marriage Tribunal for their position. No Pre-Cana counseling is required.

Descriptions: B, C, & D – We provide options to create your MIBWO approved ceremony script. We create a custom wedding ceremony for your wedding that will reflect your selected options and traditions that you want.  In the exchange of Vows and Rings, you can use traditional Vows or you can write your own Vows. You can add a reading or make suggestions to our basic ceremony script for us to approve for use in your ceremony. Additional rituals/options are available such as unity candle, unity sand pouring, flower pot ceremony, the coin wishes tradition, wine blending option, fight box option, rose ceremony, Filipino Traditions: veil/cord/rope/coin option, involve children, mothers raise rings during the ceremony to be blessed, giving roses to Mothers, Grandmothers, Step-parents, etc. Consider a remembrance table with pictures of those not present due to travel constraints or who have passed on. Contact us for details. If requested, “catholic touches” can be added.

E) We also have a $1,995.oo fee – ULTIMATE PACKAGE – (The Bride’s Choice) . . . This option pulls out all the stops! Please request the detailed description of this available package. Too numerous to mention them all here.

Wedding Ceremony Travel Fee to Venue Site Location – Multiple factors are used to determine applicable travel fees. This fee is determined by distance, fuel, parking, tolls, insurance, officiants’ time traveling and other misc. to and from your wedding venue location. If not already known, please contact our office for wedding travel cost details.

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal – $200.oo fee – We can be available if we don’t have another wedding already scheduled. MIBWO suggests you conduct your own Rehearsal. To save you on costs, we will send you instructions on how to conduct your own Rehearsal, if requested. There is an additional Rehearsal fee and Travel fee if the Officiant is to conduct the Rehearsal. If requested, it is less expensive for a couple to pay for 1 hotel room/2 beds for the Officiants versus having to pay a double travel fee for the Officiant to travel, to and from the wedding venue location. ONLY the Officiant, when present, conducts the Rehearsal, not the couple, the event coordinator or the venue staff.

All these options are available depending on your planning needs and the amount of custom work and planning involved.