Being able to officiate at these type of weddings is a valuable resource for a couple. Often times, a minister and or a Priest will not co-officiate with clergy from other denominations. The rules are strict and usually not flexible. We are happy to inform couples that regardless of their Faith or denomination, we can either preside at their wedding ceremony or co-officiate with a member of another religion’s Denomination. We then work with the other officiant as to intermesh the values and Faith traditions from the two Houses of Worship and have the ceremony reflect theses traditions and rituals in a meaningful and respectful way. We have officiated at many of these types of ceremonies for couples as well as being co-officiants with clergy or leaders from non-Christian religions as well. The reviews we received from both couples and their families stand as the positive 5 STAR testament about our officiating services that we provided in a wonderful ceremony we either officiated at or co-officiated at for couples. We included everyone from all walks of life to be invited and engaged in the ceremony as we were the Celebrant now Pronouncing the couple, as Husband and Wife.