Interfaith Weddings

We officiate at these type of weddings which is a valuable resource for a couple. Often times, a Minister or a Priest cannot co-officiate with Clergy from other denominations. Their rules usually are strict regarding this and they are not flexible. We can preside at their wedding ceremony and are able to co-officiate with a Clergy member or an Officiant of another religious Denomination. We can work with another Clergy person as to blend the values and faith traditions of both Denominations to have the ceremony reflect these traditions and rituals, in a meaningful and respectful way. We have officiated at many of these inter-denominational ceremonies for couples and have been co-officiants with clergy or leaders from non-Christian religions as well. The reviews we received from couples and families stand as a  5 STAR review of our officiate services. We include everyone from all walks of life and engage them in the ceremony and as Officiant Celebrants Pronounce then a s a married couple.