Catholic (Non-Roman) Wedding Ceremony

(Note: We can provide a short 30 minute (non-roman) catholic mass with or without communion, or a shorter version with touches of catholic traditions. We officiate indoors/outdoors, on a beach, in coastal areas, or at any venue. Our catholic ceremony is of the Old Catholic Rite. This Rite is valid catholic but is not in union with Rome. The wedding ceremony is approx. the same.)

We offer a short (non-roman) catholic wedding ceremony either within a Mass or not, and also with/without communion. We provide Communion if requested, to everyone regardless of their faith and or their lifestyle. We preside as the Celebrant officiant during the wedding ceremony and offer the couple a wide resource of the many catholic traditions and rituals that are available. These can be included within a church, chapel or at any other venue location, inside or outside.

There is flexibility in the above options and this is most popular with couples who are or who aren’t active in their local catholic parish. A couple may want to have a catholic wedding ceremony in a more progressive way and possibly outside of a church.

CATHOLIC & TRADITIONAL CEREMONY: The catholic wedding mass ceremony & the traditional ceremony selection options, offer a 35-50 min. ceremony vs the long ceremony* – plus travel cost to the venue; Contact our office for travel/mileage details.

*Special Note here: If a catholic wedding ceremony is selected, certain rituals & rubrics are to be followed in catholic traditions. Call our offices for details.

(The ceremony ritual used follows the Old Catholic Rite. This Rite is approx. the same as the Roman Novus Ordo).

The catholic (non-roman) ceremony can be celebrated indoors/outdoors, on a beach, coastal area, or at any venue location site. Note: due to the extra details involved in a Ceremony of this type, outdoor locations with much noise and/or winds, should be avoided. This selection is the wedding ceremony within Catholic traditions/rituals, officiants wear vestments). When having a Mass, Communion is normally given out.

a.) Wedding Ceremony Mass with Communion ONLY given to the Bride and Groom? Yes___ No___


b.) (This is the usual choice) Wedding Ceremony Mass with Communion given/offered to ALL guests attending the Wedding Ceremony Mass? Yes___ No___

This is all on the wedding registration form.