“A Blast From the Past from 05.14.2005”

Dear Michael and Kenneth,

To express our gratitude to the both of you seems impossible. The wisdom, love, acceptance, guidance, and elegant spirituality you effortlessly radiate taught us so much.

Michael, you spoke of God in such fluid, caring, and comfortable terms making it effortless for the first time in many years, for us to accept and believe without reservation that God does indeed love, accept, and bless what we have. The way you lead our ceremony with the appreciation of diverse religions expressing the same message of love through different traditions was so poignant.

Kenneth, your friendly ways and your accepting and inclusive nature from the moment we all met, we felt a connection with you. When we met you at your home, the love and devotion you express through the care of your home, through the nurturing of your gardens, and by your attention to detail for facets of life you know will strengthen us with the beauty of unconditional love.

Thank you both for everything. Our blossoming friendship with you is very much looked forward to on our new “married” journey together.  K & T


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