Hands down Ken and Michael made our wishes come true for the beach wedding we envisioned. The time they spent organizing and getting to know us as a “couple” created a personal feeling which flowed from them through our ceremony.
Prior to choosing MIB, I had spoken with several other officiants. The information was the same time after time. The ceremony would be vows and then pronouncement of husband and wife. The total time allotted was 5-10 minutes. Talking to the MIB I understood the ceremony would be personalized to our desire. We could choose readings, rituals, music, etc. The bonus was they assisted along the way so every bit of the ceremony flowed perfectly. They assisted so well that, to help me out, Ken held the bridal bouquet for a few minutes during the ceremony.
My husband and I were divorced from each other. We remarried on the date of our original wedding day. As this was a personal day only our children were in attendance. Michael and Ken knew our story and shared in our joy that day. The word that comes to my mind is “unforgettable”. A day like no other, with the help of Men In Black Wedding Officiants.

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