Second marriages are different: more thoughtful, calmer, full of hard-earned wisdom, but also so filled with love and laughter. MIB fulfilled all of the above. Guests (and the bride and groom) were brought to sweet tears, but also wonderful mirth. During our vows, guests’ eyes glistened, heads leaned together with their partners, hands reached for each other, and shoulders touched. That is when you know it is real, and that our ceremony perfectly captured us as a couple, the true meaning of love, and companionship through thick and thin. Regards, Annika & Joseph – Wedding Date: 04/22/2022

MIBWO thanks you so much. What a nice review of us, from this couple regarding our Officiating their wedding ceremony that we custom designed for this charming couple! Yes, we blend the serious with a touch of humor at times throughout the ceremony when we officiate. Our goal is to be inviting, and engaging and add a sprinkle of being entertaining as well to the mix, to create a ceremony of awe and wonder. The wedding guests really paid attention to this a couple committing themselves to each other during the ceremony. Being more of a smaller intimate wedding ceremony, all the guests interacted well with each other as they attended this wedding ceremony to honor this couple. We wish this couple many happy and healthy years together, now as Husband and Wife. All the best, Revs. Ken and Michael of Men In Black Wedding Officiants – –

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