Perfect Wedding!!

We knew from the first time we meant with Michael and Ken that they were perfect to perform our wedding ceremony. We were laughing and sharing our life stories within a matter of minutes. They made us feel like we had known them forever and a day!
Michael and Ken helped us plan our ceremony which was filled with religion, humor, and inspiring readings that were perfect for today’s world.
Michael and Ken could not have been more accommodating to our needs. We had planned to get married on July 15th; however, Dave woke up at 3 AM that morning with a kidney stone. After spending four hours in the emergency room, we had a huge decision to make. Do we or do we not get married at 4 PM? We had no idea what to do, so I reached out to Michael and Ken for some advice. They were wonderful and assured us that they would be there for us either at 4 PM or whenever we were ready. We decided to postpone the ceremony until the next day. The next morning, Ken called me to see how Dave was feeling first thing in the morning.
Our ceremony finally took place the next day, Thursday, July 16 at Baywood Country Club, Rehoboth Beach. It was the perfect day! During the ceremony, they had a surprise for us, which we know nothing about. It turned out to be something that we had mentioned during our first meeting several weeks before the wedding. We could not believe they remembered and made it part of our ceremony. What a wonderful surprise!
Our guests could not stop talking about how beautiful the ceremony was. In fact, they still mention how wonderful Michael and Ken were as we reminisce that day.
We want to thank Michael and Ken for making OUR day incredibly special and memorable.
Mike & Dave

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